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Tong-Parsons & Terrell Realty

The growing international comprehensive real estate service team was established in 2017 and was co-founded by Teresa Tong and Shelley Wang. As the team continues to grow, Mr. John Terrell, the former mayor of Southlake City, also joined our management team. It has enhanced the international background and comprehensive competitiveness of the TPT real estate team. We have always paid attention to team building and continuously improved the overall knowledge and professional level of the team. We will continue to carry forward the work attitude of integrity, dedication and responsibility, and keep learning to provide our customers with the most satisfactory service.

International Real Estate

Multinational real estate and investment management.

Local Real Estate

One-to-one service, real-time data analysis visits to meet your specific needs.

A united and happy TPT team

Work & Life

After intense work, we will also enjoy the rest time to our heart's content. Everyone can promote teamwork while relaxing.

Welcome to join TPT real estate elite team!

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TPT Realty Team
Continuous improvement, continuous learning team.

Professional Training

Knowledge integration and experience sharing

We will regularly arrange professional training courses on real estate and surrounding services, as well as experience sharing sessions at the two office locations. Team leaders and external professional lecturers will conduct training courses for team members.